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Ramayana Leela

In yesterday’s episode of Ramayan, ( by Sagar Arts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramayan_SitaRam(2008_TV_series) ) , a repeat telecast,the last stages of the war between Shri Ram and Shri Ravana are being played out.

Ravana resorts to his maya and his control over the Navgrahas (the planetary bodies, the position of which influence one’s destiny) to defeat Shri Ram. Ravana ascertains a planetary configuration which spells Shri Ram’s doom, and directs the Navgrahas to take up that position.
Due to the sudden cosmic reconfiguration, besides Shri Rama feeling drained of his strength, the entire creation feels bewildered and terrified.

Sita too looks up to the sky with concern, and wonders aloud – “what new maya of Ravana is this now ? Surely, there must be someone who can see past this maya of Ravana, and break past it.”

The next scene is the subject of this blog article :)

A Rishi is shown deep in meditation in some mountainous region.
A group of “junior” :) rishis comes running up to the meditating Rishi, in panic, due to the ensuing cosmic changes.
Group of junior rishis, panicking: Hey Rishi, Save us. The whole world is perplexed by these changes around us, and so are we. Please use the power of your penances to right this situation, and to deliver us.
Main Rishi: Please calm down, O you group of rishis (rishi-gan).If you only get perturbed like this, then what can be expected of the common person (jan-saadhaaran) ?

The group of junior rishis listened on, still quavering.

Main Rishi, speaking soothingly: Have faith in the Lord, O rishis. This is all part of his Leela. Observe it, (and this is the crux of this article) and Enjoy It (Iska anand uthaiye ).  :)

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