Beautiful description of Lord Ganesh by BK Sister Shivani

mgLord Ganesh is a symbol of perfection.

His small eyes, characteristic of an elephant head, indicate that he is far-sighted, just the way we squint when we want to see something far away or clearly. It means, as in the general sense of far-sightedness, that he considers the consequences of his thoughts and actions, and is not narrow-viewed ( instead of saying narrow-minded  :) )

Lord Ganapati has large ears, and a small mouth. Again characteristic of elephants. This means that he listens much more than he speaks. Which is the ideal we all need to aspire to. And which is the trait of ideal communication.

(There was something excellent sister Shivani said about his trunk, which I dont remember now. I should’ve written it down ! )

His large body, means he has great acceptance/tolerance level. Things that come/happen to Him, he is able to absorb it, and keep it down. Acceptance and tolerance is what we all should aspire to.

On the topic of His having an elephant head. Lord Ganesh was made from the “mal” dirt of the Devi. Mal-Buddhi. If an artist wanted to depict that Vinayak’s intelligence had been upgraded, how could he do that ? An elephant has the reputation of being wise. An elephant head depicts that Lord Ganesh is prefectly wise.

Shri Ganesh has a mouse as his vehicle. A mouse is viewed as an animal constantly in action, nibbling and chewing and gnawing away at things that we had rather it did not. Creating waste. In excess of its requirement. In ceaseless nervous energy. Multiplying at a fast rate. Much the way as our mind and its thoughts. Lord Ganesha is astride this mouse, in control and directing it to auspiciousness.

On the topic of Lord Shiva chopping of Vinayak’s head. The story is that Lord Shiva returned from meditation and was angered at Vinayak obstructing his way, and chopped off his head. How could anyone returning from years of meditation have such a fit of temper ? All the story wants to say is that Shiva baba upgraded Vinayak’s current status of Mal-buddhi to one of perfect wisdom.

After years of meditation Lord Shiva gave us an upgraded Vinayak, a perfect being with perfect wisdom, and perfect Shiva soul qualities.

Shri Ganesh is shown with two companions – Riddhi and Siddhi. Prosperity and Virtues. When one is so perfect, these companions are bound to follow.

Ganapati Bappa Morya !

Thanks to Brahmakumari Sister Shivani for her beautiful, peaceful, non-violent meditation on Ganapati Bappa.

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