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We still have to say, Save the Girl child

It was Dussehra and we had now come out from the Devi’s mandir(temple) which was Save The Girl Childbeautifully decorated and had throngs of people lined up, waiting patiently just to have a glimpse of the goddess, to offer their prayers , thank her and seek her blessings on this auspicious occasion. The mother of all, the caretaker of all, the list would never end if i had to write in her praise.

But here comes the part of irony, it was almost like confusing to see, shining bright, right in front of the devi’s temple by the roadside was a shining, freshly designed LED board that said – “Save the girl child”. I found it so ironical, after we had just worshiped the mother(a lady once upon a girl) of the universe we had to read those painful words… such diverse contrast, such words only want to make you say it all the more “oh darling yeh hain India”.

The irony doesn’t end here, of all people my 6 year old daughter asks me, “What is Save the girl child Mamma”? I could hold a contest if someone could tell me an answer which could be appropriate for a 6 year old girl child who is the life and soul of her family. Continue reading

Beautiful description of Lord Ganesh by BK Sister Shivani

mgLord Ganesh is a symbol of perfection.

His small eyes, characteristic of an elephant head, indicate that he is far-sighted, just the way we squint when we want to see something far away or clearly. It means, as in the general sense of far-sightedness, that he considers the consequences of his thoughts and actions, and is not narrow-viewed ( instead of saying narrow-minded  :) )

Lord Ganapati has large ears, and a small mouth. Again characteristic of elephants. This means that he listens much more than he speaks. Which is the ideal we all need to aspire to. And which is the trait of ideal communication.

(There was something excellent sister Shivani said about his trunk, which I dont remember now. I should’ve written it down ! )

His large body, means he has great acceptance/tolerance level. Things that come/happen to Him, he is able to absorb it, and keep it down. Acceptance and tolerance is what we all should aspire to.

On the topic of His having an elephant head. Lord Ganesh was made from the “mal” dirt of the Devi. Mal-Buddhi. If an artist wanted to depict that Vinayak’s intelligence had been upgraded, how could he do that ? An elephant has the reputation of being wise. An elephant head depicts that Lord Ganesh is prefectly wise.

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Ramayana Leela

In yesterday’s episode of Ramayan, ( by Sagar Arts ) , a repeat telecast,the last stages of the war between Shri Ram and Shri Ravana are being played out.

Ravana resorts to his maya and his control over the Navgrahas (the planetary bodies, the position of which influence one’s destiny) to defeat Shri Ram. Ravana ascertains a planetary configuration which spells Shri Ram’s doom, and directs the Navgrahas to take up that position.
Due to the sudden cosmic reconfiguration, besides Shri Rama feeling drained of his strength, the entire creation feels bewildered and terrified.

Sita too looks up to the sky with concern, and wonders aloud – “what new maya of Ravana is this now ? Surely, there must be someone who can see past this maya of Ravana, and break past it.”

The next scene is the subject of this blog article :)

A Rishi is shown deep in meditation in some mountainous region.
A group of “junior” :) rishis comes running up to the meditating Rishi, in panic, due to the ensuing cosmic changes.
Group of junior rishis, panicking: Hey Rishi, Save us. The whole world is perplexed by these changes around us, and so are we. Please use the power of your penances to right this situation, and to deliver us.
Main Rishi: Please calm down, O you group of rishis (rishi-gan).If you only get perturbed like this, then what can be expected of the common person (jan-saadhaaran) ?

The group of junior rishis listened on, still quavering.

Main Rishi, speaking soothingly: Have faith in the Lord, O rishis. This is all part of his Leela. Observe it, (and this is the crux of this article) and Enjoy It (Iska anand uthaiye ).  :)

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ChakravyuhWhile we are on the topic of the growing gap between the rich and the poor, I recently saw the movie Chakravyuh on TV. This movie by Prakash Jha depicts the struggles of Maoists/Naxalites, and is sympathetic to them.

There are 4 main groups in this movie  – the exploitative industrialist, the corrupt/disinterested politician, the police/ government servant and the exploited tribals/Maoist.

The police were depicted as doing their job with or without heart, but definitely in their political master’s control.

The politicians and business groups had no redeeming features – perhaps because they were not dwelt upon much – perhaps because they are not personally impacted – by the scenes unfolding on-site – besides of course trying to exploit the region to their own gain.

The movie is most sympathetic to the tribals / Maoists. (depicts a couple rotten eggs among them to round off human nature).

Their simplicity, their backwardness, the beauty of their festival, their exploitation – both personal and collective – because of their vulnerability and the fact that their homes are in mineral-rich regions respectively. Continue reading

BBC debate in Davos

The presentable Evan Davis chaired the panel discussion on the growing gap between the rich wef15and the poor in the world.
On the occasion of the Economic Forum in Davos. Davos incidentally is one of the most expensive places in the world.

The high-profile panel comprised of:
Christine Lagarde, MD of the International Monetary Fund
Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England
Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of advertising giant WPP
Klaus Kleinfeld, CEO of Alcoa
Robert J. Shiller, Professor of Economics at Yale University
Winnie Byanyima, executive director at Oxfam International. And co-chair of the WEF at Davos.

All panelists are highly educated and experienced, and luminaries in their fields.

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