ChakravyuhWhile we are on the topic of the growing gap between the rich and the poor, I recently saw the movie Chakravyuh on TV. This movie by Prakash Jha depicts the struggles of Maoists/Naxalites, and is sympathetic to them.

There are 4 main groups in this movie  Рthe exploitative industrialist, the corrupt/disinterested politician, the police/ government servant and the exploited tribals/Maoist.

The police were depicted as doing their job with or without heart, but definitely in their political master’s control.

The politicians and business groups had no redeeming features – perhaps because they were not dwelt upon much – perhaps because they are not personally impacted – by the scenes unfolding on-site – besides of course trying to exploit the region to their own gain.

The movie is most sympathetic to the tribals / Maoists. (depicts a couple rotten eggs among them to round off human nature).

Their simplicity, their backwardness, the beauty of their festival, their exploitation – both personal and collective – because of their vulnerability and the fact that their homes are in mineral-rich regions respectively.

He’s also dwelt upon the lives and regimen of the Maoist comrades, their motivations, their aspirations – which is very bleak.

Their taking up arms to defend themselves is a threat to the state indeed – but then what were their options ?

That is why Mr. Jha named his movie Chakravyuh I think, because what is the way out from this vicious circle of exploitation, conflict and death? This is the thought that he echoes – hoping for a way out to peace.

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