My passion

Passion 1:

I would like to think that I am passionate about health and fitness, especially maintaining a healthy lifestyle amongst growing kids.

Kids and teens are sitting around a lot more than they used to. They spend hours every day in front of a screen (TVs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices) looking at a variety of media (TV shows, videos, movies, games). Too much screen time and not enough physical activity add to the problem of childhood obesity.

One of the best ways to get kids to be more active is to limit the amount of time spent in sedentary activities, especially watching TV or other screens.

Were there sports you enjoyed playing when you were little? Did you dance? Climb on trees? Swim? Jump rope? Try to recall what active pastimes gave you the most satisfaction.

You may not be able to replicate the exact activities you did as a child but you can probably find something similar that brings you pleasure now .

Maybe you grew up in a family that didn’t really value being active, or that emphasized sports and activities that weren’t your natural strengths. It can be helpful to be aware of these things and to get some guidance from a coach or personal trainer in working through them.

Think about places you like to be. “Are you more comfortable outdoors or happier at home in front of the TV? Nature lovers might find their fitness passion on local hiking or biking trails, or working out in a park with friends. If you are happier alone watching TV or listening to music, you might be happier at a gym on a cardio machine that faces a bank of plasma screens.

Passion 2:


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