Wiki writing – basic info

Atlassian Confluence to document a software system. Range of Confluence features include know how to organise content, link articles to JIRA, structure the table of contents, set up related articles, and manage the workspace, permissions, and articles.

In my view, wikis are great for collaboration and are really good for in-house communications.

Confluence (or another major Wiki tool) to migrate and develop product documentation for one of our clients. The migration task requires some information architecture.

Wiki engines, preferably with Confluence or MediaWiki (2+ years)

Required Skills:

* Ability to design, implement, and maintain wiki namespaces and pages
* Ability to migrate legacy documents to wiki
* Ability to architect scalable wiki namespaces and page linking layouts
* Ability to create wiki templates
* Ability to fully utilize tagging and labeling wiki functionalities
* Excellent writing and communication skills
* Understanding of software development life cycle

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