DITA – Component Content Management System

Single Source Content Management

easyDITA is an enterprise-grade Component Content Management System that serves as a single repository for all your content, providing a single source of the truth when developing, managing, and maintaining your documentation.

Reusing Content with References and Keys

DITA allows you to reuse content by referencing it in another topic. DITA provides several mechanisms for including content by reference (conrefconkeyrefcoderef). A conref (content reference) creates a direct reference to a specific element of another topic. A conkeyref (content key reference) creates a reference to a key, which then points to a specific element in another topic. The advantage of using a conkeyref is that you can change the element that is included by changing the key reference. For example, since keys are defined in maps, if you include a topic in multiple maps, you can use a different key reference in each map. A coderef references an external file that contains literal code.

Oxygen XML Editor provides support for all of these mechanisms.

While the conref and conkeyref mechanisms can be used to reference any content element, it is considered best practice to only conref or conkeyref content that is specifically set and managed as reusable content. This practice helps reduce expensive errors, such as an author accidentally deleting the source element that other topics are including by the reference. Oxygen XML Editor can help you create a reusable component from your current content.

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