Monthly Archives: September 2016

We still have to say, Save the Girl child

It was Dussehra and we had now come out from the Devi’s mandir(temple) which was Save The Girl Childbeautifully decorated and had throngs of people lined up, waiting patiently just to have a glimpse of the goddess, to offer their prayers , thank her and seek her blessings on this auspicious occasion. The mother of all, the caretaker of all, the list would never end if i had to write in her praise.

But here comes the part of irony, it was almost like confusing to see, shining bright, right in front of the devi’s temple by the roadside was a shining, freshly designed LED board that said – “Save the girl child”. I found it so ironical, after we had just worshiped the mother(a lady once upon a girl) of the universe we had to read those painful words… such diverse contrast, such words only want to make you say it all the more “oh darling yeh hain India”.

The irony doesn’t end here, of all people my 6 year old daughter asks me, “What is Save the girl child Mamma”? I could hold a contest if someone could tell me an answer which could be appropriate for a 6 year old girl child who is the life and soul of her family. Continue reading