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SWARM mode

swarm2By: Vineeta Tawney

Docker Engine swarm mode makes it easy to publish ports for services to make them available to resources outside the swarm. All nodes participate in an ingress routing mesh. The routing mesh enables each node in the swarm to accept connections on published ports for any service running in the swarm, even if there’s no task running on the node. The routing mesh routes all incoming requests to published ports on available nodes to an active container. Continue reading


By: Vineeta Tawney

NanotechWhat is nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology has nanomaterials which can be classified into one, two and three dimensions nanoparticles. This classification is based upon different properties it holds such as scattering of light, absorbing x rays, transport electric current or heat. Continue reading

Modern Day Irrigation Methods


By: Vineeta Tawney



  • Irrigation actually means the watering the land to make it fit for agricultural purposes.
  • An irrigation method is the supplying of water via artificial canals and pipes for growing plants and crops in the field.
  • Water is essential for the growth of plants. There are no plants or crops can survive if they do not have access to water in any form.
  • It is, therefore, important to supply water to crops and plants, regularly and as per their necessity. Therefore, irrigation is this cyclic and suitable supply of water to plants.
  • The water for this irrigation gets from various sources such as wells, ponds, rivers, dams, reservoirs, and rainfall.

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