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An initial peek into the Upanishads

Compiled by: Vineeta Tawney

The Upanishads are wisdom teachings that explore the deeper, internal meaning of sacrifice. A. The Upanishads are Vedanta (the “end of the Vedas”). Each of the Vedic samhitas has Brahmanas (ritual texts), Arayakas (forest books) and Upanishads affiliated with it.

The Upanishads are late Vedic Sanskrit texts of religious teaching and ideas still revered in Hinduism.
Who wrote the Upanishads?
Veda Vyasa
What is know is that the Veda (of which the upanishads is a part), were compiled into four volumes by Veda Vyasa sometime after the Mahabharata war in the 5th millennium BCE as, with so many deaths, there was danger that this ancient wisdom would be lost in time.