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Organic or Not??

Compiled By: Vineeta Tawney

How to Know If Organic Food Is Really Organic
An obvious concern is that organic food is definitely not worth the cost if it’s not even organic.

While we may not be able to know if what we are eating is truly organic since there is no way to tell by looking at it, there are some things we can do to reduce the chances of getting fraudulent organic food:

Grow a garden – If grown organically, you know your own vegetables will be safe. I always try to have something in my summer garden!
Avoid imported foods (especially grains) – The main concern with fraudulent organic foods is imported grains, so avoiding imported foods when possible can help.
Avoid grains altogether – Since grains are one of the biggest concerns for fraudulent organic food, avoiding grains when possible gives you a better chance of avoiding fraudulent foods.
Shop local – The other side of the coin is to buy local organic produce. Foods produced in the U.S. are easier to regulate.
It’s also important to put pressure on regulators to do their jobs and keep fraudulent organic foods from entering the market.
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