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Mobile Addiction


By: Vineeta Tawney

Each one of us in the present is dependent on our smartphones which is actually an addiction. However, the biggest problem is the majority of people yet fail to realize the fact that smartphone addiction is actually a very big and a real problem which is affecting thousands of lives all over the globe in the present time. One among the majority of smartphone users today willingly admits the fact that they use their phones even inside the washroom shower. It does not end here, it can be seen that more than half of people use their smartphones even while driving. Continue reading

Influence of Social media on politics

Influence of Social media on politics

The utilization of different social networking sites in politics which includes Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube has dramatically changed the entire procedure of conducting campaigns. The popularity and prevalence of social networking platforms in politics have brought various changes especially in the process of elected officials as well as the candidates for public office. The ability to publish different contents and at the same time broadcasting it and ensuring that it reaches out to the thousand and lakhs of people instantaneously permits campaigns to easily and carefully manage their candidate’s images based upon rich sets of analytics in the real-time and at almost negligible cost.

Here are a few ways how Twitter, Facebook, as well as YouTube channels have made an impact on politics.

Directly contacting the Voters

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channels permits politicians to speak directly to voters and interact with them without spending much time. Using all such social media lets the politicians circumvent the traditional way to reach out to the voters with the help of paid advertising or through earned media.

Advertising Without any charges for Advertisement

It has almost turned fairly common for conducting all political campaigns to produce commercials as well as publishing them for free on the YouTube channels instead of paying extra and additional charges for time on television or radio. Several times, journalists who cover campaigns tend to write about those YouTube advertisements, especially the ones broadcasting their message to a wider audience at no cost to the politicians.

The ways how Campaigns turn Viral

Twitter, as well as Facebook, have become instrumental in organizing campaigns these days. Both permits like-minded voters as well as activists to very easily share news and also the information like campaign events with one another. That is what the “Share” option on Facebook and “retweet” option on Twitter is used for.
The political campaigns can easily tap into a wealth of information analytics regarding the people who follow them on social networking sites, and they can customize their text messages based on the selected demographics. Precisely, a campaign might find one particular message appropriate for a voter under the age of 30 years which might not be as effective for an individual over 60 years of age.


Several campaigns use the so-called “money bombs” which is used to raise a huge amount of cash within a short time span. Money bombs are typically 24-hour periods within which all the candidates press their supporters in order to donate money. They utilize the social networking sites such as Twitter as well as Facebook for getting the word out they very often tie money bombs to any particular controversies that will emerge at the time of the campaigns.

Social media tools permitted people to easily join together with one another to petition the government as well as their elected officials, leveraging the numbers against all the influence of the powerful lobbyists as well as the monied special interests. It avoids mistakes yet the lobbyists and special interest have the upper hand, but with time and days, there will be one point when social media will allow all like-minded citizens to join with one another together in such a way that it will bring a change and become very powerful.

Millennials and their Food cravings

Millennials and their Food cravings

By: Vineeta Tawney

The millennials love snacking. It can be found that the majority of the millennials consider snacking to be a necessity rather today snack foods form a dominant part of the daily meal for this generation. Today they are more inclined towards snacking several times in a day or even more. As per research, it is expected that there will be a major impact on the global consumer market because the average income will increase rather double from USD5,900 in the year 2014 into USD13,000 in the year 2024.The Asian region which has a large majority of the younger population as well as a burgeoning middle-income group, it is poised to turn into the fastest growing snack market in the world in the years ahead. Without any doubt, we can say food and beverage businesses over the globe are scrambling in order to cater to this target market. To look at examples we can see that the fast running food chain McDonald ’s introduced various snacking items over the year.

What do millennials usually prefer?
So if we ask any of them they will say that they want easily accessible and easy to consume as well as convenient food. This can also be termed as a snack food. However, it doesn’t end there the Millennial consumers also want their snacks to be flavourful and they want it to be both healthy as well as nutritious at the same time.

Why is it as such?
The reason is such an age group of consumers has grown up in the informative era and the majority of them have taken part in various nutrition programmes at schools. This makes them aware and alert of the importance and necessity of eating healthy as well as at the same time cultivate a preference to go for snacks which offer low calories and rich nutritional value.
To look at examples we can see many global confectionery companies like Mondelez is enjoying a great success after bringing in Oreo Thins3, which is a slimmer version of their classic cookie product which contains less cream filling as well as less calories per cookie.
Today the millennials are a well-traveled group in comparison with the generations that came in before them. There are many millennial consumers who look out for exotic foreign experiences. As per the survey, it is seen that millennial travellers usually want to entirely immerse themselves along with the trend and the new cultures. This change is also playing a strong role and it is at the same time influencing the food sector since all the manufacturers over the world are striving to offer creative products along with international flavours.

How does the market work?

The Food industry plays a very dominant role, it is very important to recognise the target group customers. The customers must be offered healthy snacks along with different variety and exciting flavours. This can be done easily by application of various functional ingredients.
There are two types of methods by which the manufacturers tap on the functional ingredients to offer products that will easily solicit lower blood glucose responses:
• By making certain Modifications in the glucose supply with fully available, yet low glycaemic carbohydrates.
• Replacing the sugar portion with partially available carbohydrates like the sugar replacer isomalt.
On the other hand, apart from carbohydrates, the manufacturers also use certain functional fibres like the BENEO’s prebiotic dietary fibres.
Like the majority of consumers, the Millennials also want to get the best from life. The modern life for millennials is very fast therefore snacking becomes mandatory to keep up their energy level high throughout the day.

We still have to say, Save the Girl child

It was Dussehra and we had now come out from the Devi’s mandir(temple) which was Save The Girl Childbeautifully decorated and had throngs of people lined up, waiting patiently just to have a glimpse of the goddess, to offer their prayers , thank her and seek her blessings on this auspicious occasion. The mother of all, the caretaker of all, the list would never end if i had to write in her praise.

But here comes the part of irony, it was almost like confusing to see, shining bright, right in front of the devi’s temple by the roadside was a shining, freshly designed LED board that said – “Save the girl child”. I found it so ironical, after we had just worshiped the mother(a lady once upon a girl) of the universe we had to read those painful words… such diverse contrast, such words only want to make you say it all the more “oh darling yeh hain India”.

The irony doesn’t end here, of all people my 6 year old daughter asks me, “What is Save the girl child Mamma”? I could hold a contest if someone could tell me an answer which could be appropriate for a 6 year old girl child who is the life and soul of her family. Continue reading