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By thinking about the needs of a fictional persona, designers may be better able to infer what a real person might need. Such inference may assist with brainstorming, use case specification, and features definition

User Flows in UX

The flowchart begins with the consumer’s entry point on the product, like an onboarding screen or homepage, and ends with the final action or outcome, like purchasing a product or signing up for an account. Depicting this process allows designers to evaluate and optimize the user experience and therefore increase client conversion rates.

An example of a user flow in UX design

User flows are extremely useful if you need to:

  • Create an intuitive interface
  • Evaluate existing interfaces
  • Present your product to clients or colleagues

3. Types of user flow charts

  • Task flows
  • Wire flows
  • User flows

Once you have gathered your data from user testing, user flows help determine how many screens are needed, what order they should appear in, and what components need to be present.

flowcharts and UX flows assist other members of the design team and easily communicate the layout of an interface to partners and investors.