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CoGN1Cognitive Neuroscience the study of human brain

By: Vineeta Tawney

  • Cognitive neuroscience is the branch of studies which deals with the various ways how a human brain enables the human mind.
  • The brain science explores the different ways how individual neurons functions and operate and it communicates to form a way more complex neuronal architectures which comprise the brain of a human.
  • Cognitive science makes uses of the experimental methods of cognitive psychology as well as artificial intelligence for creating and testing the models of a higher-level cognition like the thoughts and the languages.
  • Cognitive neuroscience generally bridges the space between these two domains. It also maps the higher-level cognitive functioning to known brain architectures as well as the known modes of the neuronal processing.

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Glacier Loss

Glacier Loss

By: Vineeta Tawney

Introduction to Glacier
GlacierLossGlaciers around the world can range from ice that is several hundred to several thousand years old and provide a scientific record of how climate has changed over time. Through their study, we gain valuable information about the extent to which the planet is rapidly warming. They provide scientists a record of how climate has changed over time.
Glaciers act as reservoirs of water that persist through summer. Continual melt from glaciers contributes water to the ecosystem throughout dry months, creating perennial stream habitat and a water source for plants and animals. The cold runoff from glaciers also affects downstream water temperatures. Many aquatic species in mountainous environments require cold water temperatures to survive. Some aquatic insects–fundamental components of the food web–are especially sensitive to stream temperature and cannot survive without the cooling effects of glacial melt water. Continue reading

The cloud-based healthcare system

The cloud-based healthcare system

By: Vineeta Tawney

CloudhealthcareTreating the patient who has non-communicable diseases is a big task. This sickness requires continuous monitoring that results in high cost for patients. The answers for this is mobile healthcare where the patient doesn’t need to hospitalize under the observation of caregivers. It is accessible and offers cost-effective monitoring solutions for non-communicable diseases patient.
A cloud computing-based healthcare is a software-as-a-service platform, for providing healthcare information facility with low clinical values, high usability and cost without negotiating safety.
The medical field has vast number of data that needs a very high storing and archiving ability. The process of processing patient’s data can be slow and can cause an incorrect result. Cloud computing can significantly expand the level of healthcare services. Continue reading

The Current trend in space science-India

Author: Vineeta Tawney

Date: 06-04-2019


In India, we have the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the space agency for space science research and planetary exploration.

Indian space program encompasses research in areas like:

  • Astronomy
  • Astrophysics
  • Planetary
  • Earth sciences
  • Atmospheric sciences
  • Theoretical physics









Balloons, sounding rockets, space platforms, and ground-based facilities support these research efforts. A series of sounding rockets are available for atmospheric experiments. Several scientific instruments have tested on satellites especially to direct celestial X-ray and gamma-ray bursts. 2

In space science India has completed the below projects successfully:

  • India’s first satellite was launched “Aryabhata” on 19 April 1975.
  • “Rohini” in 1980, it became the first satellite to be placed in orbit by an Indian-made launch vehicle, “SLV-3″
  • “Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle” (PSLV) for launching satellites into polar orbits
  • “Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle” (GSLV) for placing satellites into geostationary orbits
  • Satellite navigation systems such as GAGAN and IRNSS have been deployed
  • In January 2014 the ISRO used the cryogenic engine in a GSLV-D5 launch of the GSAT-14

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Beautiful description of Lord Ganesh by BK Sister Shivani

mgLord Ganesh is a symbol of perfection.

His small eyes, characteristic of an elephant head, indicate that he is far-sighted, just the way we squint when we want to see something far away or clearly. It means, as in the general sense of far-sightedness, that he considers the consequences of his thoughts and actions, and is not narrow-viewed ( instead of saying narrow-minded  :) )

Lord Ganapati has large ears, and a small mouth. Again characteristic of elephants. This means that he listens much more than he speaks. Which is the ideal we all need to aspire to. And which is the trait of ideal communication.

(There was something excellent sister Shivani said about his trunk, which I dont remember now. I should’ve written it down ! )

His large body, means he has great acceptance/tolerance level. Things that come/happen to Him, he is able to absorb it, and keep it down. Acceptance and tolerance is what we all should aspire to.

On the topic of His having an elephant head. Lord Ganesh was made from the “mal” dirt of the Devi. Mal-Buddhi. If an artist wanted to depict that Vinayak’s intelligence had been upgraded, how could he do that ? An elephant has the reputation of being wise. An elephant head depicts that Lord Ganesh is prefectly wise.

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Ramayana Leela

In yesterday’s episode of Ramayan, ( by Sagar Arts ) , a repeat telecast,the last stages of the war between Shri Ram and Shri Ravana are being played out.

Ravana resorts to his maya and his control over the Navgrahas (the planetary bodies, the position of which influence one’s destiny) to defeat Shri Ram. Ravana ascertains a planetary configuration which spells Shri Ram’s doom, and directs the Navgrahas to take up that position.
Due to the sudden cosmic reconfiguration, besides Shri Rama feeling drained of his strength, the entire creation feels bewildered and terrified.

Sita too looks up to the sky with concern, and wonders aloud – “what new maya of Ravana is this now ? Surely, there must be someone who can see past this maya of Ravana, and break past it.”

The next scene is the subject of this blog article :)

A Rishi is shown deep in meditation in some mountainous region.
A group of “junior” :) rishis comes running up to the meditating Rishi, in panic, due to the ensuing cosmic changes.
Group of junior rishis, panicking: Hey Rishi, Save us. The whole world is perplexed by these changes around us, and so are we. Please use the power of your penances to right this situation, and to deliver us.
Main Rishi: Please calm down, O you group of rishis (rishi-gan).If you only get perturbed like this, then what can be expected of the common person (jan-saadhaaran) ?

The group of junior rishis listened on, still quavering.

Main Rishi, speaking soothingly: Have faith in the Lord, O rishis. This is all part of his Leela. Observe it, (and this is the crux of this article) and Enjoy It (Iska anand uthaiye ).  :)

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